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Air Meeting Pod Roof Technology

Specifically Engineered Panels

“A balance of softness & insulation.”

The soft absorbent panels that shroud the sides of the pod are specifically engineered to fine tune the acoustic performance for optimum speech privacy.

Softness also creates warmth and comfort in the same way as you experience and expect in a living room. Soft absorbent panels mounted on both the inside and outside of the pods create this acoustic warmth coupled with re-verb control.

The pods have valuable surface area commodity on the outside walls to enhance absorption levels in the workplace between open plan work areas. This means less or no additional absorption required such as wall panels or suspended baffles.

Air Meeting Pod Acoustics Illustration

Acoustic Performance Testing

“Acoustics...It's simple, right?”

Internally, the pods are a fine balance between absorption (soft surfaces) and insulation (hard surfaces).

These highly engineered acoustic panels soak up high frequencies (Consonants) and control through base traps and insulation, low frequencies (vowels) making it impossible to fully understand a conversation through the walls when in an ambient sound level of 55dB or more.

A minimum 32dB Rw insulation performance of a fully installed pod makes it a great alternative to fixed partitioning solutions but it’s not about a single figure, it’s about where you place the pods, how you feel and what you can’t hear.

Upgrade options will be available to enhance the acoustic performance further if you need that little extra privacy.

Air3 Models 23,25 and 27 are ETL listed and conform to UL standard 1286. Please ensure that your local building AHJ is fully consulted before you specify and order.

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