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AIR-24 Meeting Pod Roof Open


“Let hot air out & fresh air in.”

More employees are using the pods for work rooms and we are seeing a greater use of integrated and mobile technology within them.

All these functions whether it's the increased length of time, greater numbers of people or the additional equipment, have a heat build up rating attached to them, creating greater demands on controlling the comfort inside the pods.

We researched air-conditioning solutions but always came across the same issues, noise, heat created by cooling extracting into the workplace and a great deal of humidity to capture and empty. it's just not practical to integrate un-tethered air-conditioning into pods.

There's nothing simpler than pressing a button to pop open the roof.

“Feeling hot, just open the roof.”
  • Heat Build Up People / Screens

  • 10° Heat Dissipation

  • 90° Air-Con In

Coanda Effect

Coanda Effect

“Dramatically improve concentration.”

Extensive research into airflow within the office has shown that CO2 is the most important element to control within the pods.

CO2 levels can easily reach up to 2000ppm in an enclosed room without proper air circulation, this has an effect on your concentration levels and can createtiredness. The pod airflow system controls CO2 levels reducing it to between 900 to 1200ppm.

A continuous channel allows the air to flow smoothly across the ceiling, air sticks to the surface using the Coanda effect and curls around and upwards within the pod at a pressure, to enable poor quality air to be pushed out through the extraction vents.

Air3 Models 23,25 and 27 are ETL listed and conform to UL standard 1286. Please ensure that your local building AHJ is fully consulted before you specify and order.

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